Fluxbox is fast and sexy

Since bbLean has been my favourite shell for Windows for many years it it no surprise that I like *box-variants on Linux as well. I prefer them not only because they are lean and fast and highly configurable, but mostly because they support my workflow and hardy ever get in the way. And as virtually […]

Linux ersetzt Windows (nicht)

Der 14.9.2010, 16.54h, ist ein einschneidendes Datum für mich. Da habe ich mich letztmals aus Windows abgemeldet. Ein halbe Stunde später war die Festplatte umpartitioniert in /boot, / und /home und das bis dahin jahrelang praktizierte Dual-booting mit Linux hatte ein Ende. Der Grund ist einfach: Es ist nicht mehr notwendig. Es gab noch eine […]

Linux and photography

For many years photography and linux have not been the best friends. But it seems, as if this has changed. This week I did something which seemed impossible until now. I kicked Windows. No more XP/64, no more 7/64. Go figure. Finally there are linux-replacements for the have-to-have-apps like Adobe PS and LR. Now I […]